Oddmund Lindeflaten, a 26 year-old adorable Norwegian soccer player, arrives in Lindsborg, Kansas, a quaint Swedish farming community to work as an au pair for Helen Hazelton. Helen, recently widowed, and her two sons, Atticus, 15, totally bored, and Beau, 9, shy and insecure, live on a farm where they raise bison. It’s quickly apparent that Helen and Oddmund have a mutual attraction, but Au Pair International rules forbid sexual contact between family members and its au pairs.

Oddmund dispenses much needed discipline to Atticus, helps Beau stand up to the school bully, and brings laughter into the house. The boys teach Oddmund how to get bison to change paddocks, by yodeling at them! (As Atticus says, “Bison abhor yodeling.”) Helen’s smitten, and is egged on by Charlie, the ghost of her dead husband, who tells her to go for it. When she misinterprets Oddmund’s actions, she kisses him, only to be rebuffed.

Meanwhile, Oddmund builds Beau’s confidence by teaching him how to be a goalie, then recruits townspeople to make up a soccer team. A butch female sheriff, Missy, joins in. Then Katie, a hot senior signs up, which gets Atticus to join, who brings along his chess partner, 70 year-old Birger. Add Mary Kay, a Latino drag queen art teacher; Anna, a nude blonde art model; Bobbie the Neanderthal junior varsity football coach; and Helen, and he’s got a team.

At the annual Town Festival, Katie and Atticus get drunk. Oddmund tends to Atticus who’s throwing up in the men’s room. Helen finds them and falsely accuses Oddmund of taking advantage of her son. Ommund’s put in jail. Soon a Norwegian TV crew and the nasty Gudrun, Oddmund’s ex-fiance, show up, who’ve flown over to cover the story about a male au pair who has molested the children under his care. Finally, the boys and Helen’s own testimony clear his name.

Oddmund’s set to leave, but wants one more soccer practice with his team. They play against a real soccer team from Bethany College. Charlie appears and tells Helen that she will have a baby. She doesn’t believe it. Gudrun forces Oddmund to make a choice, come with her, or stay.  You’ll have to see the movie to find out!

Everything you need to know about the hilarious (well, I laughed) feature film Au Pair, Kansas

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