J.T. O’Neal – Screenwriter/Director/Producer

J.T. graduated from the University of Kansas with an honor’s degree in history of art. He received his MD from KU and completed his residency training at Harvard, where he also received an MPH (Masters of Public Health). In 2004, he received an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in screenwriting from UCLA (considered the top screenwriting program in the country.) While a graduate student in film school, he won the prestigious UCLA Screenwriting Showcase (considered the school’s top screenwriting award) with his script Black Diamond, the Alfred P. Sloan award (the school’s highest endowed screenplay award) with his script Panther Lake, and the Carl David award with his script Diva and the Dudes. Also an award-winning director, his short films have played at over 80 festivals around the world. His photographs are included in major collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and the library of Congress in Washington, DC. He is the producer of the feature film Alien Game and the short Grandma and the Raven, which was shot on the Kickapoo reservation in Kansas, and is a co-executive producer of the feature film, The Only Good Indian (Sundance 2009), also shot on location in Kansas.

Catherine McCabe – Producer

Catherine received a BFA in Photography, with an emphasis in Drawing, from Arizona State University, then worked as a television director and photographer for 12 years.  She used her expertise in visual communication design and producing to garner four Emmy nominations and 2 Emmys as well as a number of other accolades including a Best Documentary Award for her Blues Spotlight program which aired on PBS stations all over the country.  Catherine helmed many live and taped programs for CBS and Fox and many network freelance clients, prior to leaving her day job to start over in her field of true love, filmmaking.  She coordinated the production of many major commercials which led to her break in film, working for Alexander Enright on a CBS Production, and has helped to produce well over 30 films.  Catherine met JT O’Neal when she was a graduate student at UCLA Film School’s Producers Program 


Joan Jerkovich – Producer

Joan, an entrepreneur and businesswoman, is President of Soul Bloom Productions, Inc., which is involved in screenplay development and feature film production. She is Executive Producer on the feature film Common, which will premier September 2007 at the 27th Annual Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. With over 20 years as a business owner, she’s learned to choose projects with an eye toward return on investment and is thus respected as an investor advocate. 

Ronald Stam – Executive Producer

Mr. Stam graduated with a BA from Florida State University and received an international study program masters diploma at Stockholm Universitet. During and prior to completing his studies, he performed onstage in church, school, and amateur playgroup productions. He also appeared in Swedish director/producer Bo Widerberg’s “Joe Hill”, released by Paramount Pictures. Widerberg received international acclaim for his film “Elvira Madigan”, which won the Golden Globe for foreign film of the year. After being a small business owner, investor, and completing a 29 year career working primarily in the areas of probation and corrections, Ron is pleased, once again, to return to the performing arts. A previous resident of Lindsborg, Kansas, Ron now lives in central Florida, and is excited about bringing Au Pair, Kansas to life, and about letting the whole world see the charm and beauty of Lindsborg.

Tom Carmody – Executive Producer

Tom graduated from the University of Kansas with both a B.S. and Master’s degree in Business Administration. For over twenty years, he held various trading and management positions in the energy industry. Tom is the co-writer of Johnny Pigskin, which has won awards in various national screenplay competitions. He has invested in several recent film projects and is President of TLC Films, L.L.C. and is a co-partner in Carmody-O’Neal Workshop Productions L.L.C. He is the writer and producer of the feature film The Only Good Indian, directed by Kevin Wilmott, shot at various locations throughout the state of Kansas, which premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Everything you need to know about the hilarious (well, I laughed) feature film Au Pair, Kansas

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