traci-lordsHelen Hazelton
: Rigid and in control. Lonely, trying to hold her family together, struggling to run a bison ranch, misses her late husband.  Traci Lords, star of TV and Screen, is Helen.  Traci has more than 70 IMDB credits in TV and film, including such films as Cry Baby and more recently, Zach and Miri Make a Porno.   


Oddmund Lindeflaten: Scruffy and adorable. Semi-pro soccer player from Oslo. Came to American to get away and find a family. Håvard Lilleheie is  Oddmund. Håvard is one of the top young film and TV actors in Norway. He starred in the feature films Spillet andUnited which was the top-grossing film made in Norway in 2003. His TV credits include U and Manshow.


Atticus Hazelton: Bored with it all. Angry at his Mom, ready for his first girlfriend and his first car. Spencer Daniels is Atticus. Spencer is featured in the films The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (December ’08) and Star Trek XI (May ’09). Spencer has also appeared on The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Cold Case.bar2


KendallBeau Hazelton: 9. Secretly dreams of being a dancer. Misses his Dad. Wants everyone to be happy.  Kendall Ryan Sanders is Beau.  He’s been in Nip/Tuck, MADTv, and Navy NCIS.




Sheriff Missy Johannsen: Trim, toned, serious and butch. Ex-gym teacher, married early to Bobby, a high school football star. Cher Ferrera is Missy. Cher starred in the feature film Alien Game, and is currently on the TV show Veronica Mars.

Mary Kay Sedia: Latina. Big hair, big boobs, big butt. Is she a bad drag queen, or what? Oscar Quintero is Mary Kay. Oscar starred in the feature film Alien Game, the short Taco Chick and Salsa Girl. As the amazing Kay Sedia, Oscar is the top selling drag queen Tupperware salesperson in Southern California.


peter murnik




 Coach Bobby Breed: 49. Flat top, toned-up good-ole boy. Honest, sincere. Is he too Neanderthal for Helen?  Peter Murnik is Bobby Breed.  He’s been in Armageddon, Hard Rain, and JAG.



stephenCharlie Hazelton: 45. Dead. Died of melanoma. Left videos for his sons and thus lives on in their lives.  Stephen O’Mahoney is Charlie.   He’s been in The OC, The Bold and The Beautiful, and NYPD Blue.



annie2Anna Olsson: 29, tall, blonde, very Swedish, very bimbo.  Louise Rosager is Anna.  This is her first feature film.  How is this possible?



Katie Wogen: 18. Sleek, perfectly understated make-up, sophisticated Valley girl of the plains.  Kelsey Sanders is Katie.  She’s been in CSI, Color Me Olsen, Shelter and is the host of Disney’s Movie Surfers.


 Gudrun, 25, the EX.  From Norway, with passion and anger.  Anne Svanes is Gudrun.  It’s her first feature film.   How is this possible? 



Everything you need to know about the hilarious (well, I laughed) feature film Au Pair, Kansas

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