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Fargo’s Cool (and Cold!)

I’m at the Fargo Film Festival this week, where it’s 10 degrees colder than Saint Paul (what am I doing going to someplace that’s colder than where I live?)  It’s the tenth anniversary of the festival, and they had a great snow sculpture made for the opening night.  I met the executive director, Margi Bailly, and film programmer, Emily Beck, at Sundance 2009, and later sent them a festival copy of AU PAIR, KANSAS, which they loved, and then invited to screen here.  Alas, because APK didn’t make Sundance 2010, I had to tell them we couldn’t show APK at Fargo this year.  Margie read my KISASS Guide to Screenwriting, then invited me up to Fargo to do my ScreenwritingNOW! lecture, which I’ll do tomorrow.  At noon today I’ll host a luncheon seminar on screenwriting.  This is a cool little festival, with cool people, and they’ve put me up in the really hip Hotel Donaldson, which is like living in an art gallery.  Fargo Film Festival ROCKS!