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What a Difference 5 Years Makes!

Five years ago I was in Toronto onset with my Director of Photography bud Peter James, while he was shooting CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, II.  And there’s this cute little kid with a great smile.    And now there’s this movie out about Vampires and Wolves, starring this hunk.  Turns out it’s the same kid!  And he just hosted Saturday Night Live!  The big question is, are these eight packs real, or CGI?  So here are pics of Taylor Lautner 5 years ago (above right), and now.   


Brittany Murphy Gone

Alas, actress Brittany Murphy was found dead today in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately this is not surprising to me, as I spent a couple days onset of a movie she starred in last year, DEADLINE, written and directed by my bud Sean McConville.  Brittany had been fired from the previous movie, and it was pretty clear from my observations that she had a drug problem.  And apparently she’d been fired recently from her latest movie.  Strangely, I had also been onset of River Pheonix’s last movie, THE THING CALLED LOVED, and it was pretty apparent to me that River had erratic behavior consistent with drug use (he died of an overdose shortly after wrapping the movie.)  I highly doubt that either Brittany’s or River’s drugs were prescription, whereas Heath Ledger was on multiple prescribed drugs, same as Michael Jackson.  But it doesn’t make any difference, I guess, because they’re all gone.  Such a waste (3 of these 4 were very talented.)