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Houston, we have Picture Lock!

After months of work, talented editor Brad Roszell and I reached picture lock on Au Pair, Kansas.   Now it goes to the composer (Carlos Alvarez) and sound designer (Michelle Garuik) for acoustic work.  Brad and I finally had a chance to work on the soccer sequences, which now truly move the story forward, and build the relationships between the characters.  Can’t wait to see them with music.  Two months to go before major festival entry deadline (the one that begins with an S.) We’re on schedule, and I continue to be amazed with how great the performers are, and how lovely the film looks (Thanks actors and Marco!)

Sheriff warning


First Look at Opening Credits

Here’s our first assembly of opening credits.  Fantastic score by Carlos Alvarez, beautiful cinematography by Marco Fargnoli, lovely editing by Brad Roszell.  And the bison and Traci Lords aren’t bad either!   Obviously we’ll get better title cards, and Brad and I re-edited this last weekend (no feces, we added shots of feces.  It is a comedy, you know.)  We might even add some cowboy yodeling!