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Au Pair, Kansas selected for IFP Director’s Lab!

ifp_labs_09Unbelievable, just got notified the rough cut of Au Pair, Kansas was accepted into the prestigious IFP Director’s Lab.  I get to spend a week in NYC in June working with mentors in editing/music/marketing/festivals.  They only take 10 feature film projects in the emerging narratives section.  It’s a major deal.  So keyed that someone that doesn’t even know me, likes the movie.  And even better, getting into the Lab means Au Pair, Kansas is automatically selected for emerging narratives section at Independent Film Week (NYC in September, used to be called IFP Market.)  

Brad Roszell has been working hard getting this first cut done, and its paid off.  I love this film (even without music, which, as the editor’s always say, will save the scenes!)  I’m now allowing myself to actually believe that the film is going to be good.  Maybe I’m not really that deluded.  Thanks to everyone that helped out and worked on the tough and cold Lindsborg, Kansas shoot.  Wow, very cool!



Spencer Daniels Opens in Star Trek

Spencer chairCheck out Spencer (star of Au Pair, Kansas) in the new Star Trek movie.  It is the best Sci-Fi film since 1977’s Star Wars (it’s been now over 30 years since I’ve seen a movie where I walked out of the theater and wanted to walk back in and watch it again.  It’s that good.)  Alas, he only makes a brief appearance as a character named “Johnny.”  When you look up Spencer on IMDB, it list’s him in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Star Trek, and Au Pair, Kansas!  Here’s a shot of him in Charlie’s chair during an amazing sunset on set near Lindsborg, Kansas.


First Cut Done!

Editor Brad Roszell (Earthworks, Grandma and the Raven), has finished his first cut on Au Pair, Kansas.  No music, no sound design, but the story and performances are all there.  An experienced editor friend recently saw our first assembly (master shots only, no close ups or cutaways) and said it was the best first assembly he’d ever seen.  A producer (whose film premiered at Sundance this year) stated he was “stunned” at how good it was.  An actor in LA said the rough cut was better than most films he sees at festivals.  I love the performances, all the actors rock.  It looks fantastic.  Honestly, I had no idea that it would turn out this, well, good (I may be deluded about this, too, you know, since I am a bit close to it.)  I guess you can tell when passion and love and sweat go into making an indie film.  I can’t wait to show this at festivals in 2010!  Thank you to everyone who helped make this movie.    apk-annies-house