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Au Pair, Kansas Wins Comedy Award at Austin Film Festival

Very excited to just get notified that the script for Au Pair, Kansas, was just selected as a semi-finalist in the comedy division of the Austin Film Festival (my favorite screenwriting conference.) Yeeha. I get to go to Austin second week in October to attend the festival. There were only 13 semi-finalists, and these scripts are now being read and judged in another round, with finalists to be announced early October.

I attended the very first Austin Heart of Film Screenwriting Conference when I was living in San Antonio, and it’s grown into this great, warm, friendly conference that now has a film festival, centering, of course, on the screenwriter. I’ve had two prior scripts make semi-finalist (Johnny Pigskin, and Black Diamond, both very serious period sports dramas, so keyed that I won an award with a contemporary comedy.)

And tomorrow I’m off to NYC for 6 days, another of my scripts, Casino Rez (co-written with Tom Carmody and JB Cisneros) was selected for the prestigious Emerging Narrative Section of Independent Film Week (used to be called IFP-Market.) JB and I get to meet with 13 production companies interested in Casino Rez. The recent Sundance drama winner, Frozen River, got it’s start at IFP-Market a couple years ago, and it’s one of the three best films I’ve seen this year.

Austin Rocks! Go Au Pair, Kansas!

Everything you need to know about the hilarious (well, I laughed) feature film Au Pair, Kansas