Casting Director Comes on Board!

Cathy Henderson Martin just joined the Au Pair, Kansas team! An extremely experienced casting director based out of LA, Cathy recently cast co-producer Sean McConville’s The Deadline. She’s got an incredible 175 casting credits on IMDB! (and The Deadline’s not even included in that.) Our goal is to find a great 40-50 plus year old actress that wants the part of a lifetime (she’ll, of course, have to really want it, since it’s a SAG ultra-low budget scale film.) Hollywood just isn’t producing movies with great leading parts for women, so Cathy and I are confident we can find a fantastic actress excited about having a strong roll.

Point in case, make sure you see Frozen River. If the lead actress, Melissa Leo, doesn’t get an Oscar (no, I’m not putting in the stupid little copywrite mark above Oscar!. Sue me Academy) nomination something’s wrong with the system. Frozen River won best drama at Sundance, and it’s one of the most powerful films I’ve seen this year. See it.

Welcome on board, Cathy!

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